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weebsworld offers a complete set of in-store and on-line boutique shopping services.

free baby gear consultation

  • Consult with our staff over the phone or in person. Our staff members are trained baby gear experts.  Let them explain feature differences, quality differences, fabric options, and accessory options, to insure that you are making the best purchase decision for your lifestyle and children's needs.

Indoor stroller test track
  • Our multi-terrain, patented, indoor stroller test track lets you compare the push and pull of each stroller over grass, gravel, brick, cobblestone, asphalt and potholes, allowing you to understand in detail exactly which stroller will best suit your lifestyle.

stroller weigh station
  • we offer a 4ft square digital platform scale-our stroller weigh station. So you can compare the weight of each stroller. In many instances manufacturers only publish frame weights and not complete stroller weights. Our digital weigh station lets you know exactly how much each stroller weighs.

crash test dummies

  • Our life-like crash test dummy babies let you compare stroller seats, carrycots, infant car seats and baby carriers with real world precision.

free stroller assembly
  • Purchase your stroller in one of our retail stores and we will assemble it at no charge. Purchase your stroller on our web site, arrange for pick up in one of our stores and we will assemble it at no charge.

free baby gear tutorial
  • weebsworld offers a complete product tutorial at the time of customer pick up in our retail store locations. This insures that you know how to use each feature of your new baby gear.

free car seat installation
  • weebsworld is certified and insured to conduct car seat installation. We will professionally install your car seats purchased in our retail stores and we will install your car seats that are purchased through our website. Just bring your purchased car seats to one of our retail store locations along with your sales receipt.
  • If you have other car seats that were not purchased at weebsworld or and you need them installed we will professionally install them for $15 each.

gear repair
  • weebsworld is the service center for all the products we represent. We can conduct your warranty repairs, and your wear and tear repairs. We always use factory replacement parts to keep your gear performing correctly.

concierge baby shower registry  
  • weebsworld offers  complete on-line and in-store baby shower registry.  Our registry allows your family, friends and co-workers to easily participate in your baby gear selections.  We also offer gift cards as a registry item so that people can elect to provide you with cash donations towards your baby gear.

gift cards

  • weebsworld offers gift cards in $500, $100, and $50 increments. They can be used to purchase on-line at or in our stores.


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